Zuni Art

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Zuni Art

Zuni are renowned for animal-shaped fetishes & inlaid stones.

Inlaid Art

The Zuni are also excellent silversmiths. As opposed to the Navajo who tend to focus on the innate beauty of a single stone, the Zuni blend stones in beautiful inlaid patterns. The Zuni have incorporated inlaid stones in all types of their jewelry, including rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets.


The Zuni people are known for making various carvings that have traditionally been important for ceremonial purposes. The fetishes typically depict animals but also occasionally depict icons that are important to their culture. The fetishes are most often made out of turquoise but in more recent times, Jet, mother of pearl, and coral have become more prevalent.

The animals that are depicted in the fetishes are said to have innate powers that help to protect or aid the person who has the fetish.

Where to buy Zuni Art:

Navajo Art is available throughout the region and widely available at the Ortega’s Jewelry Stores and the El Rancho Hotel. Additionally, if you would like to travel to the Zuni Pueblo, the staff at the El Rancho can help you with your trip.

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