Touring the greater Gallup area’s Native American cultures is awe-inspiring and educational. With a history that stretches back thousands of years there is much to see and learn. Ask about the latest events, tours and advice from our front desk staff to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of these local cultural treasures.


Less than an hour south of Gallup is the Zuni Pueblo. Like other Native Puebloan people, the Zuni lived in multi-story adobe apartment blocks when the Spanish first encountered them in the 16th century. Silversmithing, pottery and carving are traditional arts they excel at.


Renowned as expert weavers and potters, the Hopi are deeply committed to their culture’s religion and spirituality and regard the land as sacred. Like other Natives in the Southwest they are descended from ancestral Puebloans who inhabited the Four Corners region.


A bit more than an hour’s drive east of Gallup is Acoma Pueblo, or Sky City. Said to be one of the oldest continually inhabited settlement in North America, the Acoma people have lived atop this stunning mesa since the 11th century. A fantastic experience into living history with a terrific museum and guided tours.


The Navajo or Diné are the largest of the Native American peoples. They are expert shepherds and weavers. Today many people know them for their heroic efforts as World War II Code Talkers who relayed critical information in their own language that the enemy were never able to decode.