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Hopi Art

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Hopi Art

The central artwork of the Hopi Indians is the Kachina Doll.

Though the Kachina Doll is seen in Navajo and Zuni art, the Hopi Indians provide the most outstanding examples of Kachina Dolls.

The most tradition Kachina Dolls are made from either one piece of wood or one corn husk. They will be intricately carved and will be properly proportioned. It is common among the best Kachina Dolls to see separate fingers and elaborated decorations.

The most tradition Kachina Dolls are made from either one piece of wood or one corn husk.

Some of the most prominent types of Kachina Dolls will include decoration in ceremonial robes, navajo dress, eagle feathers, and black woolen dresses with red belts. Many kachina dolls will also have accessories that are common to Hopi celebrations and wars. These include weapons, masks, rattles, and bows and arrows.

Additionally, the colors on the Hopi Kachina dolls have associated symbolism. For example, vertical lines represent warrior footprints and inverted V shapes symbolize kachina officials. Additionally, colors represent places: yellow represents the north, blue represents the west, red represents the south, white represents the east, all of the colors represent the heavens, and black represents the underworld.

Where to buy Hopi Art:

Navajo Art is available throughout the region and widely available at the Ortega’s Jewelry Stores and the El Rancho Hotel. The staff at the El Rancho Hotel would be happy to assist you in locating a place to purchase Hopi Art.

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